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SERVER Milk Chiller :: MODEL #: EMP94090


This espresso milk chiller is designed to hold milk at a safe temperature. The polished stainless steel design helps create an upscale image of quality and cleanliness. A flexible hose links the Server milk chiller and espresso machine. This model includes two round Eutectic ice packs: One for use and the other is stored in the freezer for quick change-outs.

SIZE: (H x Circumference): 10.5" x 7.3/4"



THERMAL TECH Milkmate 2005 :: MODEL #: EMPMM


This Milkmate is designed with a tall body that completely insulates the product. Side entry hole to protect and also hide milk hose. Cooling plate in top portion allows for less temperature gradient. Internal thermometer for temperature indication.

SIZE: (W x H x D): 9" x 12.5" x 13.5" POWER: 120v, .5amps



JURA Cool Control Milk Cooler :: MODEL #: 70878


Stainless steel container holds 40 oz. of milk, Keeps temperature at 40 degrees F, Styled to compliment JURA products, UL listed.

SIZE: (W x H x D): 6" x 8.25" x 8.25" POWER: 120v, 20w





Compact refrigerator matching black finish holds a standard 1 gallon milk (Jug). N.S.F. Approved, UL listed.

Dimensions: 14 H x 9 W x 19 D - Weight 25 lbs. 120 Volt



JURA IMPRESSA Water Line Connection Kit :: MODEL #: 62513